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​Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest

​Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest. I was really excited for Tug to try the Swamp Cooler Jacket out. She has super thick husky fur, even the British summer is too hot for her to run around in the heat of the day and most definitely when we’re on mainland Europe. I tend to...

The Beacon Waterproof Light.

The Beacon Waterproof Light. I had the old style Beacon light which lived permanently attached to Tug’s collar for a couple of years. Any time we were out in the evenings on the bike trails or running in the dark I switched it on. It gave me peace of mind to be able...

Track Jacket from Ruffwear

I am loving the Track Jacket from Ruffwear. As the nights get longer and dusk hits us earlier, this is a fantastic addition to your dogs kit bag. The jacket sits really nicely on Tug, conforming to her body shape. It is lightweight and non insulated but offers...

Keeping your dog cool on adventures

With many of us British folk headed to hotter climes and with the optimistic hope that we will receive a week of sun on home soil I have received several emails asking how to keep your dog cool on your adventures. Dogs are different. Like us, dogs feel the heat but...

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