Gorse Wine Recipe

It has been so weird and wonderful to have spent so many weeks working in the UK, and although I haven't been in just one place it has still given me a chance to reignite old passions that have fallen by the wayside in the constant travelling. One of those is brewing...

Wild Garlic and Pine-nut Pesto

This has to be hands-down one of my favourite wild food recipes. Why it is I couldn't tell you, but if you like garlic you will love this! I originally heard the recipe when I was instructing for a Bushcraft company in Dorset and working with an amazing medicinal...

Shore things: Winkle and Wild Garlic recipe

On our way back from work in the mountains yesterday, Stani and I spotted fresh wild garlic popping out in a local woodland area. I love wild garlic when it first pops its leaves out of the earth. It is super fresh and the bulbs are fat and juicy. Having spotted this...

Jack By The Hedge Recipe

Living on the hedge Jack-by-the-hedge, garlic mustard, hedge garlic (alliaria petiolata). It is unclear where the name ‘Jack by the hedge’ came from, it is thought that it may stem from the slang ‘jacks’ for toilet due to its smell. This seems a little strange as the...

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