Hi and welcome to my shiny new website. I am very excited to have bought it up to date with lots more pretty pictures I’ve collected on my travels over the past few years. To me the outdoors and adventuring is my life. I don’t have a 9-5 job, it is not a hobby to me. My working hours are erratic, crossing time zones and hopping environments. One day I can be working in the desert, the next atop some snowy peak.

I quite literally live and breathe the outdoor life, so, in keeping with this, my website is dedicated to everything outdoorsy and lifetyley. As with my old site, please feel free to ask questions and get involved. I want this to be interactive and I love nothing more than sharing my experiences and helping out new and future adventurers and expeditioners and also hearing your own experience. I love hearing your stories just as much as I love creating my own in the world.

Happy adventuring and I look forward
to seeing you on here.
Meg x


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