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Hope you enjoyed Mission Survive last night! Big respect for the 7 celebrities and Bear, those were a tough couple of days with most of us running on zero sleep. If its got you fired up for your own mini survival adventure here’s 5 ideas for your weekend.…

Stani Groeneweg shelter1) Go native, head to your local park, woodland or outdoor area and spend the day or afternoon creating a survival camp. Think Like Bear Grylls, what would you need to survive in your area of choice? Where can you source your priorities of survival from? (Shelter, Food, Fire and Water). Its amazing when you switch your mind into survivor mode how time flies by and you really become absorbed in your task. If you have young children take them along, they will love doing this with you. Want to make it even more real and experience what the celebrities went through? Take your sleeping bag and roll mat and spend the night in your shelter. Remember its just one night, discomfort is temporary, success is permanent. City dwellers, there are awesome woodlands or outdoor areas within 40 minutes of most UK cities London included. (I know this is boring but please be careful when lighting fires, some areas it is not allowed and other areas you don’t want to set your surroundings alight).
2) Get high, look for your local Go Ape or high ropes course and head on over. Not only is this adrenalin packed and physically demanding you will be learning the basics about using a climbing harness and looking after your safety. Really fun to do with friends or family and a great way to view the woodland from a different angle whilst hurtling through the air on a zip line. Want to rock climb? Get in touch with a local outdoor provider like Aim High Expeditions around London or Mountain Monkeys around the Manchester area. Google ‘outdoor centre’ for your local area, there are many outdoor centres now ready to tailor a package to suit your needs.
3) Get wet, liked the look of the celebrities paddling across the lake in Mission Survive and wan to have a go? Why not build you own raft or hire canoes or kayaks? Raft building tests team work and your initiative. What have you got in your garage or shed that you can build your raft with? You’d be surprised what floats. Alternatively search online for raft building or canoe/kayaking and you will find many places offering these activities and that will lend you a wetsuit too, it might be spring but it pretty cold out there.

Stani Groeneweg survival shelter
4) Camp it out, if you are not quite comfortable yet taking your first step into wild camping or sleeping in your shelter why not pitch a tent or hammock in the garden or at a camp site? For an escape, pack the car with your essentials and head to your local camp ground and make yourselves at home for the night. Some of my very best memories of camping were when I must have been 5 or 6, pitching a tent in the garden and laying out the kit I thought I needed for the night, my sleeping bag, my pocket knife, my stuffed seal and then going to sleep listening to the sounds around with my dad in a tent close by.
5) Get out!, I find being outside and moving is so good for putting problems into perspective, for fitness and health, for bonding with friends and family. Just getting out and going for a walk can turn into an adventure of its own.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, have an amazing weekend!

Happy adventuring


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