‘Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up’ Michael P. Watson


I love this quote, this is so true. Through experience those that tend to continually put others down are full of insecurities about themselves. We’ve all been there at some point, it’s a survival mechanism and morale booster when you are scared, intimidated or jealousy rears its ugly head. It’s reassuring to search out the faults in someone else to bring them down. None of us our perfect and it takes a strong mind to admit ones own flaws and take ownership of ones decisions and mistakes rather than trying to place the blame elsewhere.


In the wilderness when the going gets tough, it’s even more important for the good of the team to be able to acknowledge your ego and accept that you have your own motives as well as the goal of the expedition or training. I find that on an expedition, once I’ve admitted to myself my ‘selfish’ motives I can put those emotions aside and get on with the task at hand. I’ve found that if I try and bury my emotions they pop up at a bad time whereas acknowledgement means acceptance and control.


On expeditions and on trips into the wilderness there is always something that doesn’t go to plan. It is so easy to admit defeat and blame someone or something else for your own lack of experience or skills. In fact these are perfect opportunities to boost your confidence and learn for the next time. Improvise, adapt, overcome and take ownership!image

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