I get amazing messages of support from people who have seen me on TV or read my book. I am so touched and honoured that people from all walks of life; all genders and ages are inspired by my adventures and want to get in touch.

A conversation I had recently with a lady who was worried she was too old to get outside and have an adventure struck a chord with me. I thought it was worth sharing some of my thoughts on age and the wilderness. Age is a very subjective thing. I have always believed that although we age via the passage of time we do not have to grow old at the same pace. To some extent age is a state of mind, and after all the wilderness doesn’t care how old you are, be you a teenager or a retiree, it will treat you with complete indifference. What matters is your attitude and willingness to deal with any problems that are thrown at you. I know some exceptional older people who are still out doing incredible things and conversely some younger people who claim to be too old to get outside.

It would be irresponsible of me not to state that one person’s adventure may be another person’s nightmare. Clearly selecting an adventure that is suitable for your physical ability and skill, regardless of your physical age, is of paramount importance. You can learn so much about yourself and your mind simply by taking a walk around the local park, you don’t have to be hanging off the side of Mont Blanc in a blizzard to learn from the wilderness.

So I say to anyone out there who has read my book or spends time following other people’s adventures on social media, age should not be your barrier! Go and have your own mini adventure in the countryside around you. Get out and realise you can explore as if you were a child again, its ok to climb trees at 40, its ok to dam streams as an 80 year old! One small adventure today may give you the confidence you need to go on a bigger adventure tomorrow.

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