​Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest.

I was really excited for Tug to try the Swamp Cooler Jacket out. She has super thick husky fur, even the British summer is too hot for her to run around in the heat of the day and most definitely when we’re on mainland Europe. I tend to exercise her if we are having a harder training day early in the morning and late in the evening before and after the heat of the day or stick to routes that have lots of water to jump in and cool off. I was looking for a way for her to be more comfortable.

What is it?

The Swamp Cooler Jacket is a three layer mesh fabric Ruffwear which has an absorbent middle layer and a wicking outer layer that reflects heat and facilitates evaporation. It can also go through the washing machine

How does it work?

By soaking the jacket in a stream, under a tap or water bottle and wringing outage excess moisture you then put it on your dog and by evaporative cooling it helps draw heat away from the body of your dog.

Does it work?

The Swamp Cooler definitely aids cooling as the water evaporates. It is quite amazing when touching the fur under the jacket compared to the fur on the head the difference in temperature. The fur under the jacket feels cool to the touch. It has definitely made Tug more comfortable when walking with us in the mountains in the heat and she ash been accompanying us on more trips. However, and I speak only for myself as an owner of a thick furred dog that I still wouldn’t do high energy exercise such as fast mountain biking in the hottest parts of the day with Tug even with the jacket on. Also the Swamp Cooler does not mean you should stop hydrating your dog. The jacket must be accompanied in hot conditions with regular water breaks and shade and possibly boots if the ground is becoming too hot for their paws.



In Conclusion

This is a brilliant piece of kit to help your dog be more comfortable in hot conditions. It helps your dog cool stay cooler and allows them to accompany you on slower paced hotter adventures. Hydration is still key to a healthy dog however and water breaks must be thought about. For longer journeys in dry areas factor in extra water for the jacket as although it takes a while to dry out for optimum results the jacket needs to be topped up occasionally.

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