The Beacon Waterproof Light.

I had the old style Beacon light which lived permanently attached to Tug’s collar for a couple of years. Any time we were out in the evenings on the bike trails or running in the dark I switched it on. It gave me peace of mind to be able to enjoy my run, bike or evening dog pee walk when she was off the lead that I could see her little light bobbing along chasing rabbits and exploring that she hadn’t run off. It was waterproof, durable and the battery life was impressive. Somewhere along the way we mislaid it. It has been replaced it with the new Beacon.

The new Beacon at first glance is rather complicated with many more settings and light colours than the old one. I am a fan of simplicity when it comes to outdoor gear, either for myself or Tug. If I’m working then my job is stressful enough without having to worry about my kit failing or falling apart on me and if I am playing I want to enjoy my precious time rather than worry about my kit. However, having never been let down by Ruffwear before I was excited to try out the new features.

Out of the box the light is lightweight and small and has the option of either attaching to the tag loop on a collar or clipping solidly onto the collar or onto the Ruffwear harnesses and packs. This clip seems to be a more solid design than the old style, so hopefully less chance of this one being lost to the trail gods.

When switched on you have the choice of 3 colours; red, green and blue. Within each colour you can choose; static colour, fade in and out or flash, accessed by repeatedly pressing though on the power button until you reach your choice of setting.

The new Beacon also is charged via USB which (I think) makes it so much simpler as you can charge it in the car on the way to the bike trails when you’ve forgotten to buy a battery. It also gives you a 1.5 hour warning for recharge which is clever.

They may seem expensive but if this survives our adventures as easily as our old light did for several years then I would definitely say it would be worth every penny. So far it has been swimming, covered in mud, been dragged through bushes and has lasted longer than the 6 hours promised at full charge on the static light.

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