I am loving the Track Jacket from Ruffwear. As the nights get longer and dusk hits us earlier, this is a fantastic addition to your dogs kit bag. The jacket sits really nicely on Tug, conforming to her body shape. It is lightweight and non insulated but offers waterproof protection on the top of her body. It is super durable and can be put through the wash after being rolled in or covered in mud. I love that this jacket is not a full covering, offering unrestricted freedom of movement and less chance of overheating in warmer conditions.

As always Ruffwear have thought through every inch of the design of this jacket. From the low profile side release buckles tucked away so as not to rub the dog’s body, the stretch mesh panels around the chest which are comfortable and move with the dog to the loop to attach ‘The Beacon’ light to.

This is perfect for anyone walking or running their dog in low light conditions hunters with their dogs and for trail dogs on the mountain bike tracks. We do a lot of mountain biking in the early evening, I love riding as the light is going and the shadows lengthen, there is something so magical about this time of the day. Tug, being very well camouflaged shows up in her bright orange jacket on the trails and in the forest when she runs next to me through the trees. I will also be working in the Alps with Tug in hunting season in October/November. This will make sure she is instantly recognised as non game.

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