I have been trying out Bloc Eyewear’s new dry bags recently. Dry bags are a personal bug bear of mine. My job is at times pretty stressful and I do not need the added stress of worrying if my kit might fail on me.

In a day at work I can be throwing my kit in and out of helicopters, on top of mules, jumping into lakes and rivers and be exposed to all four seasons in a matter of hours. I struggle with finding dry bags to withstand serious dunking. I looked at two of Bloc’s dry bags; the Back Pack and the Duffel.

Back Pack

On first impressions this dry bag is tough, it is relatively thick which means it is less likely to be damaged by being dragged over abrasive rocks. The seams, which are always the first part I check are well sealed and stuck together. I love the orange colour, this really pops in nature and would make a great visual aid when on water or in the mountains. It has a roll neck top which clips down the sides of the bag which I find aesthetically pleasing and leaves less chance of the bag getting caught when canyoning or squeezing through tight spaces. On the back it has detachable, lightly padded shoulder straps which are comfy and a chest clip to keep it in place. I really like the fact that they are detachable, it meant I could wear it on my back when climbing through a waterfall on a recent job but I could also remove the straps which then allowed me to shove and squish the dry bag into the bottom of my rucksack to use as a reinforced dry bag when the weather became awful on a recent film shoot in North Wales.

I don’t have much time while I am working to give my kit TLC, this tends to be done afterwards. This dry bag really lived up to my expectations. It is possibly a little bulky for everyday light weight hiking inside the rucksack, though I totally appreciated it when the weather turned in Wales. I have used it canyoning and although I double bagged my kit, no water got inside, even when under torrential waterfalls and being submerged. It has been paddle boarding with me, strapped underneath an accessory net I have for carrying loads on my board. It handled the salt water well.

A great all round dry bag which makes up for its bulk with its durability and diversity.

Duffle Bag (30l)

Made from the same durable material as the Back Pack, a lot of thought has gone into the design of the duffel bag. The seams are well stuck and welded to make sure there is no point of weakness. Compression straps means the duffle can be minimised in size and a roll top closure is easily accessible and can be quickly shut. The bag has grab handles on either end which I found handy for attaching to my paddle board. Inside the bag is padded. As well as using this bag to carry gear on my paddle board it was really useful on a recent photoshoot in the rain where models could put their clothing in and the ease of access meant stuff could be retrieved quickly when called for. The padding is rounded so would lend itself more to potentially protecting photography equipment than carrying a laptop.

This is a handy bag for wet weather conditions. The only thing I would add to it is either longer carrying handles or a shoulder strap as the handles are not long enough to put over a shoulder for ease of carrying.

If you are on the look out for a good quality drybag then look no further than the BLOC range.

More info can be found on the BLOC Eyewear website

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