When it’s happening:

September 9th-19th, 2020

  • Attend The Festival of the Eagles.
  • Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture and traditions up close.
  • Travel through the breath-taking landscape on horseback.
  • Camp under the stars. Wake up to the most stunning views.
  • Megan and her local team will personally guide you, ensuring your safety and well being.
  • Professional photographer Dan Struthers will be on hand to capture your interaction with the environment and to share tips and tools to ensure you’ll take home beautiful pictures.

See you in Mongolia!

The Invitation

I am so excited to invite you to join me on this expedition.

As a child, some of the stories that fascinated me the most were of the life of Genghis Khan. The vivid depictions of the rugged landscape he rode through and the eagle that sat upon his arm captured my imagination. I dreamed of hurtling through the landscape on the back of a stocky pony, wind blowing through my unkempt hair, eyes alight with my very own eagle ensconced upon my arm This is a trip I have been dreaming up for several years. I love that this adventure is a full immersion into the Mongolian culture, allowing us to be up close and personal with the local inhabitants and their beautiful eagles.

Join me as we head deep into the Altai region, quite literally one of the most remote places on this planet on horseback. As we ride through the landscape towards the Eagle festival we will visit and spend nights with Eagle hunters in traditional Gers learning about their culture and hearing the stories of hunts and of warriors through the ages. We will live as these nomadic peoples have done for so long.

As the sun sets each evening we will make camp. Ensuring our horses are fed and watered we will sit around the camp fire and recount the days ride and listen to traditional stories and songs Accompanying us will be Dan Struthers, an experienced and extremely talented landscape & portrait photographer. He will not only capture your adventure on film for you to keep but will also be on hand to help you take beautiful shots of the landscape and the adventure as we traverse through it. No matter whether you choose to just use the camera on your phone or use an SLR, he will be on hand throughout the trip with tips and tools to help you capture beautiful images.

The final few days will be spent at the Festival of the Eagles, there are several of these festivals where the Eagle hunters converge to compete with their birds and other traditional sports. I have chosen a small and intimate festival which allows us to be close to the action and to interact with the competitors without hundreds of other visitors.

I’d love you to join me. In terms of previous experience, an average level of fitness is required and ideally some horse riding experience. Please contact us if you wish to take the option of private horse riding lessons beforehand. We have a couple of brilliant instructors who would be very happy to ensure you are comfortable with which end is which. We will have a support 4×4 which will join us in the evenings which allows you to bring extra photography equipment.  

I look forward to meeting you in Mongolia.

One extra place has now been made available. Total cost £4,750.



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