Bespoke Expeditions FAQ

How much will it cost?

It goes without saying that exclusive and bespoke adventures with Megan and her world class team are naturally going to cost more than an “off the shelf” tourist expedition. Hiring the best crew, getting to the best locations and having the required support unfortunately does not come cheap. If you genuinely want a totally unique, discreet experience Megan would be more than happy to discuss your dream experience and provide a quotation.

How does this work?

If you have an idea for your ultimate expedition or none at all it doesn’t matter. Have a chat with Megan and her team. We can find out what would best suit you, your budget and your goals.

Once a destination is decided upon Megan’s team will kick into action and organise everything needed to make your experience a truly trouble free, once in a lifetime, experience.

I want an adventure with Megan but I am not sure what I want can you help?

Yes, all you need to do is chat to Megan about yourself, your dreams and goals and she can build a trip around you.

I am worried about my security or being followed by the media.

We are enormously experienced working with people that require the utmost discretion and can guarantee that if you do not want to be found that nobody will find you! We can organise an armed close protection team if appropriate.

Can I bring my son/daughter/husband/friend/colleague?

Yes! Totally, if your dream experience includes your family too then we’d love to make that a reality.

Can I just hang out with Megan without eating worms or hanging from a cliff?

Yes, if you want a mindfulness experience in some beautiful scenery to practice some yoga, cook over a camp-fire and chat before camping under the stars Megan would love to join you.

I want an adventure but I can’t afford to go with Megan, can she give me free advice for my own expedition?

Unfortunately Megan doesn’t have time to answer every request of this nature but in some cases she may be willing to work as a consultant on your project.

If you have a general question about Megan’s adventures or her life please reach out to her via social media.

Do you do corporate team building?

Yes, we can organise team-building with a difference. Come and learn true teamwork on a remote desert island in a realistic survival scenario. No power-points or corporate buzzwords here! We guarantee that if you survive you will be a better team!

Can we use helicopters, submarines or parachute out of planes?

Yes you can! In fact we encourage it. We can organise anything from a submarine to a jumbo-jet. Your dream experience can be made a reality.

Do you have a catalogue or expeditions I can pick from?

No, every experience is hand crafted around you. If you don’t have an exact idea of what you would like to do have a chat with Megan and she can suggest something that fits you.

Can you film my adventure so it looks like the TV shows you work on?

Absolutely! Megan works with a core team of TV experts on programs including Bear Grylls Running Wild and Mission Survive. The entire film crew are available to come along and film your adventure as if it were a true TV show. We can edit and deliver your own TV show and even organise a red-carpet premiere in London if you wish.

Is it safe?

We have an entire team of people dedicated to safety, particularly when it comes to ropes, fast moving water and so on. No survival situation is 100% safe but with the correct expert supervision and support you are in good hands.

Will I be forced to do anything I don’t want to do?

Never, this is your experience and if you don’t want to drink your own piss or jump into a shark infested pool Megan won’t make you!

Are there any upper/lower age limits?

In short no, the experience is tailored to you and provided we can get adequate insurance cover and select an appropriate destination there are no limits.

I am disabled but want an adventure can I still take part?

Yes, totally, this is your adventure and we don’t see a disability as a barrier to getting you into the jungle, desert or mountains.

How can I prepare for my experience?

This will depend on your selected destination and itinerary. Megan will advise you on any required fitness levels or other requirements as part of the planning process.

How did Megan get into this line of work? I would like to do the same.

The answer is very long and complicated, Megan has spent time living with the remotest tribes in the world. Read her book “ Mind of a survivor” to find out how she has ended up where she has. Click here to find our more about her book

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