“Where we go there are no roads. The only limit is your imagination”

With a pedigree second to none, Megan’s team have organised bespoke expeditions for celebrities, prestigious clients and TV channels the world over.
Let us show you the world in a new way.

Your Adventure

Megan offers exclusive, bespoke experiences anywhere in the world.

Rather than offering ‘package tours’ for the masses Megan and her team craft unique experience just for you. Be it a gritty survival scenario or a relaxing mindfulness adventure Megan can guide and inspire you through every step of the process.

Megan specialises in working with celebrities and Individuals who require total discretion and total security throughout their experience.

With native contacts throughout the globe and a world-class team behind her Megan can quite literally organise anything anywhere in the world! Want to learn from a remote tribe hundreds of miles from the nearest tourist? Want your adventure to involve unique transport such as helicopters, submarines, skiing and skydiving? Want to learn physical and mindful survival skills from true experts? Want to see stunning parts of the world? Want to feature in your own ‘TV’ show? Let Megan make your dream a reality!

When Megan says she can make any dream a reality she isn’t joking. Tell her about yourself and what you are interested in and she can come up with the ‘ultimate’ experience for you, you and your friends or you and your entire company.

Here are a few ideas:

  • The book – Relive some of the adventures in Megan’s book and see if you can earn the mind of a survivor.
  • Treasure hunter – Journey deep into the barely touched Guatemalan jungle, still home to armed militias, on the hunt for caves full of Mayan treasure or hop aboard a yacht before heading to uncharted, pirate infested waters in search of sunken wrecks.
  • The perfect marriage proposal – Why not helicopter a hot tub and dining table onto a remote mountain glacier for a unique dinner date?
  • Total relaxation – Spend time in the African bush miles from anyone else learning native skills, practicing yoga and absorbing the immense beauty of the world we live in free from the digital distractions of normal life.
  • World first – Perhaps fat bike across the arctic or claim an un-climbed mountain route.
  • Historic adventure – Inspired by a famous explorer such as Shackleton Livingstone or Kate Rice re-live the hardship and see if you are as tough as they were.
  • Ultimate survivor – Chased by our team of armed trackers and filmed by our award winning TV crew, you and your friends are helicoptered into a remote jungle and left, with a survival expert, to evade and escape whilst being filmed. If you get out alive why not share your experience with a red-carpet premiere in Leicester square?

“Megan’s team can quite literally
organise any adventure,
anywhere on the planet”

The Team

Megan and her team regularly work around the world on large TV related projects along with bespoke adventures where they plan everything from locations, story, safety, logistics, transport, accommodation, security and so on. The team is made up of civilian and ex-military personnel with the knowledge and experience to get things done properly.

Megan and her team have guided, instructed and inspired people from all walks of life. From children and adults, people with disabilities to families, celebrities and corporate teams. Most of her current expedition work involves planning and guiding high profile individuals on extreme TV shows.

Wherever Megan operates she aims to support the local indigenous people and protect the environments she explores as much as possible. Working with the local people, not against them, is her mantra!

Megan and her team are used to dealing with high profile clients, large film crews and the logistical challenges of operating in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Discuss your dream adventure with us and we will make the pieces fall into place.



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