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Megan Hine is a survival expert, celebrity expedition leader, and adventure catalyst.
Her vast wealth of experience and knowledge gained from leading hundreds of adventures across the globe enables her to organise unique expeditions to untouched and wild places.

“My best friend Megan is the most incredible bushcraft, climbing and mountain guide you’ll ever meet.

She’s stronger than 99 percent of the men I know, she’s incredible”

Bear Grylls – Survival Expert



Megan’s team can quite literally organise any adventure, anywhere on the planet.
With a pedigree second to none, Megan’s team have organised bespoke expeditions for celebrities, prestigious clients and TV channels the world over. Let us show you the world in a new way!

Latest Articles

Aloneness Vs loneliness

In a survival situation the fear of being alone and lonely can be all consuming and if left un-checked can reduce your ability to think objectively about the situation you have found yourself in. The same could be said for the feeling of isolation in an office or as a...

Gorse Wine Recipe

It has been so weird and wonderful to have spent so many weeks working in the UK, and although I haven't been in just one place it has still given me a chance to reignite old passions that have fallen by the wayside in the constant travelling. One of those is brewing...

Wild Garlic and Pine-nut Pesto

This has to be hands-down one of my favourite wild food recipes. Why it is I couldn't tell you, but if you like garlic you will love this! I originally heard the recipe when I was instructing for a Bushcraft company in Dorset and working with an amazing medicinal...

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