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Megan Hine is a British adventurer, wilderness expedition leader and survival expert. She also acts as a consultant for private individuals and film crews around the world.

With a lifelong thirst for travel and adventure Megan has amassed a huge amount of expertise in all aspects of the outdoors. By pushing her mental and physical limits in extreme environments Megan has explored remote jungles, arid deserts and high and cold mountains; taking private clients, celebrities and television crews to extreme and beautiful places they didn’t even know existed.

Megan’s fascination with cultural diversity and local skills and traditions has led her on a journey of discovery, spending time working with local tribes’ people the world over; from the San Bushman of the Kalahari to the Kelabit of Borneo and the Sami of Scandinavia. Her clients benefit from her knowledge of local customs and her love of sharing the ancient survival skills learnt from her time spent with these peoples.

A member of the Adventure Film Collective, Megan prides herself in organising all aspects of expeditons and safeguarding adventure film makers, clients and film crews into many extreme and inhospitable corners of the world. Megan has worked with numerous international production companies for adventure and extreme survival shows on channels such as ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic and S4C. She has demonstrated her knowledge and skills both behind the scenes and infront of the camera as a survival expert, expedition leader, stunt performer and outdoor model.


Currently Megan appears on ITV’s “Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive” as one of Bear’s two survival captains.

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“My best friend Megan, at the back, is the most incredible bushcraft, climbing and mountain guide you’ll ever meet,” says Bear Grylls at a screening for the Island TV show. “She’s stronger than 99 per cent of the men I know, she’s incredible.”

Bear Grylls

(Radio times May 2014)

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